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We live in a society that absolutely loves pictures and show them off on various social media platforms. When we take pictures, we flash our smiles. However, when we check the picture, we notice that our smiles are not the best as they can be. At Park Avenue Orthodontics, we know how important teeth are when it comes to smiles. During the initial assessment, Dr. Janet Stress-Allen and her staff will sit down and consult with you on the best possible treatment based on your individual needs. We will set up a treatment plan, duration of treatment expected, and the approximate cost.


At Park Avenue Orthodontics, we provide a warm comfortable environment, state of the art equipment, and private/semi-private treatment areas where our patient will be treated by Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen. Most patients don’t ask many questions because they feel doctors are annoyed by their questions. Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and staff truly believe that there is ample time for questions to alleviate any concerns that the patient may have about their treatment progression. We want make Park Avenue Orthodontics a place where a calm individual care atmosphere is priority. Take the first step toward a beautiful picture ready smile by contacting Park Avenue Orthodontics today!

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Even difficult cases can be treated with a nonsurgical approach using either Invisalign or ALF expansion appliance
(or a combination of both).


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At what age can my child be fitted with braces?


The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children to be at least 7 years old for a consultation. However, if the child’s teeth are not ready for treatment, Park Avenue Orthodontics will monitor the status of your child’s teeth every 6 month to figure when it would be best to be fitted for braces. We have a variety of braces ranging from Damon, Insignia, or Invisalign. Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and staff firmly believe early intervention is the best course of action for a child in need of orthodontic treatment.


What will determine my child needs braces?


To figure out if your child needs braces, Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and staff will take necessary X-rays to see if your child has any crowding issues, bite issues, or missing teeth.


What happens after my child has their braces fitted?


Your child will need some time to adjust to their new braces. Soreness of the cheeks will occur due to their teeth moving into position for the perfect smile. The soreness will disappear once your child is comfortable with their braces. After the adjustment period, most children forget they even have braces. Dr. Janet Stress-Allen and staff will give your child special instructions regarding braces care. Most children get through treatment without any problems.


How do we as parents reassure our child who is nervous about getting braces?


Park Avenue Orthodontics will reassure the child there will be no pain in the treatment. To emphasize this point, there will be no visible needles in the office during their visit. However, altering fitting for braces, there will be some mouth soreness, due to their teeth moving into position. We recommend parents giving their child some children's Motrin for a very short period of time.

Looking for Clear Braces in NYC?

Park Avenue Orthodontics specializes in Damon Braces!

What exactly are Damon Braces?


Damon Braces are self-ligating braces. The wire travels through an opening and is held by a gate inside the brackets.


What is the difference between traditional braces and Damon Braces?


Since the Damon Braces’ self-ligating wire is traveling through each bracket, there is a lot less friction allowing the teeth to move faster. Traditional braces use a rubber band to hold the wire tightly in place. However, the rubber band creates excess friction which adds a lot of time to the treatment process.


How long does the treatment take?


Each patient would have a different time schedule. However, the Damon braces’ self-ligating wire greatly shortens the time of having braces on your teeth using the light continuous force. Treatment time can be anywhere from 3 to 6 months shorter.


Will my teeth hurt after having Damon Braces fitted?


Due to your teeth moving into position for a great smile, there will be some mouth soreness. We recommend taking some Motrin and eating soft foods when you feel sore. The tooth soreness will only for 1 to 2 days after the braces are placed.

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