ACCELEDENT – Breakthrough way to speed up orthodontic treatment

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Manhattan Orthodontist, Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and the rest of her team at Park Avenue Orthodontics are introducing a new procedure into their office called Acceledent; an accessory that is targeted towards people who have just gotten braces or Invisalign. You might be asking yourself, why would I need another treatment on top of my original treatment? The answer is, Acceledent guarantees you a faster treatment time.

How Does Acceldent Work?
Acceledent is a small, lightweight, comfortable, hands-free device. The patient is required to bite down on a customized mouthpiece that sits ontop of your teeth for twenty minutes every day for the length of their treatment. Acceledent generates small micropulses that then accelerates orthodontic tooth movement. These light vibrations are said to decrease treatment time anywhere from 30-50%! Acceledent can be used for any existing fixed appliance which includes both wire braces and Invisalign. New York patients will notice that this device is simple and easy to use; similar to a retainer in that it can be removed and applied very easily.

When Can You Use It?
For teens, Acceledent might best be used when doing homework or reading and for adults it can be used when cooking, cleaning or working at your desk. Not only does Acceledent provide a faster treatment time with it’s easy application, but it also is very easy to maintain and safe to use as well.

The Science Behind Acceledent
Our New York Orthodontist, Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and the rest of her staff here at Park Avenue make their patient’s safety their number one priority and when it comes to Acceledent, patients can also feel at ease. Acceledent uses a very low magnitude force of 200-300 Hz which is similar to the force applied to your teeth when chewing gum or using an electronic toothbrush. Since the mid-1980’s scientists have researched the effects of vibration on bone movement and growth and this device is a product of that research.

Maintenance with Acceledent
Acceledent is very easy to clean. A patient should clean the mouthpiece after each use to prevent bacteria from growing. To do this the patient should wipe down the mouthpiece and the device with a warm damp cloth. This device is not dishwasher safe and should not be submerged in water at any time. Acceledent comes with four parts, including a charging port so it is always ready to be used. Acceledent can also be paused and resumed if there are any interruptions in treatment.

“Acceledent is very exciting and a breakthrough in reducing the amount of time spent in orthodontics” – Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen

Interested in trying our new and exciting product to decrease treatment time? Call our New York Orthodontist Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen and the rest of her staff at Park Avenue Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment!