Children and Braces

Patient Forms
  • At what age can a child be fitted with braces?

    The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) recommends we see children at the age of seven for a consultation. If they are not ready to start treatment, we will monitor them every six months to check when they are ready for braces whether it be braces from Damon, Insignia, or Invisalign. NYC Dr. Stoess-Allen and her staff believe that early intervention is always the best for a child in need of orthodontic treatment.

  • What will determine whether a child needs braces?

    To determine whether a child needs braces, we take an X-ray to see if the child has crowding issues, bite issues or missing teeth. We intervene at an early age in order to work with the growth of a child.

  • How would you reassure a child who is nervous about getting braces?

    Dr. Stoess-Allen and her professional staff can reassure children who are nervous about getting braces that there is no pain involved in the treatment. To further emphasize this to children, we do not have any needles visible in the office. When the patient goes home, sometimes after a 24-hour period, their mouth may start to become sore owing to moving teeth. To ease the soreness, Children’s Motrin is recommended. However, to ease a child’s nerves until the soreness goes away after a couple of days, there is no medicine like the promise of having all the ice cream and milkshakes they want!

  • What happens after a child has their braces fitted?

    When a child first gets braces fitted, it is an adjustment period, because it is new for them. Soreness may occur and sores may develop inside the child’s cheeks. This is normal and is only temporary, lasting until the child gets used to wearing braces. Usually, following a short adjustment period, the child does not even noticing that they have the braces in. My staff and I give the children special instructions regarding how to clean and look after their braces. Most children get through the treatment with no problems at all.