iTero® 3D Digital Impressions

Office Policies

We use the Digital iTero® Scanner, which produces an identical replica of your teeth instead of taking impressions.

The Benefits of Digital Impressions

  • Does not expose you to radiation
  • Uses a laser to generate the images


  • Comfortable
  • No gooey mess associated with impression materials
  • Breathe and swallow naturally during the digital 3D scan
  • No unpleasant taste


  • Precise fit of crowns, bridges, veneers, and Invisalign®
  • Eliminates the need to retake impressions multiple times


  • View 3D scans onscreen with your dentist immediately
  • Digital impressions taken for restorative purposes
  • Are complete in approximately 3 to 5 minutes

We receive all of your Invisalign® trays much faster since there is no mailing of impressions that increases the amount of time it takes to get you started working on your new smile.

We can show you a simulation of how your teeth should look once the treatment is completed. Since we do not take impressions you do not need to be concerned about messy impression material or the gagging that is sometimes associated.

For your convenience and for others, Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen at Park Avenue Orthodontics has not just one Itero® Scanner but now 3!!

Our doctor and employees pride themselves on being leaders in our field and keeping up with the very latest technology and advances in the field of Orthodontics.