Insignia® – Custom Braces in NYC

Insignia® - Create Custom Braces in NYC

Insignia® is a computerized orthodontic system that uses digital treatment to create customized braces for each patient using a 3-D representation of the patient’s exact tooth positioning.

With treatment tailored to each individual patient, Insignia® orthodontic treatment can result in faster treatment and fewer office visits.  Insignia® orthodontists are members of a select group who have undergone additional training to be able to achieve the best results for their patients.

To prepare for orthodontic treatment using Insignia®, we will take a 3D digital impression using our iTero® Intraoral Scanner. The scan of the patient’s teeth, along with their X-rays and photographs, is then sent to Insignia® with a prescription detailing what Dr. Stoess-Allen would like to accomplish with this particular case.

The lab at Insignia® then takes the prescription and provides our office an online virtual tour of the treatment process by providing a  digital model of the patient’s teeth which shows exactly how the teeth and bite will be adjusted using Insignia® Braces.

Insignia® will then create customized individual brackets and wires specifically for that particular patient, leaving little room for human error during the treatment process. Insignia® then sends Dr. Stoess-Allen sets of little jigs that are custom molded to the teeth. These technological advances can result in treatment time being shortened by up to six to eight months compared to the typical orthodontic treatment.

Insignia® is making remarkable strides with this treatment every day. The finished results are as close to perfection as one can possibly get. With Insignia®, a patient does indeed have to wear braces, but the treatment time is much quicker than with ordinary orthodontia. Instead of the orthodontist placing the brackets to achieve the desired results, we can now rely on Insignia® technology to help sculpt that perfect smile.

Despite the differences between Invisalign® and Insignia®, Dr. Stoess-Allen feels that they are the very best way to treat misalignment today and is now limiting our practice to these advanced technologies exclusively.

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