Park Avenue Orthodontics Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving!

Team Lifestyle

It’s Thanksgiving week. Because of this the entire team at Park Avenue Orthodontics wants to share how thankful we are for all our patients. 
“We are a boutique orthodontic practice with the specific goals of giving patients the ultimate in personalized care,” says Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen. “As a result of this, we have developed a patient following who come to us knowing that we will spend the adequate amount of time with them and provide the most excellent orthodontics possible.
Park Avenue Orthodontics promises to continue to give you top quality orthodontic care! “Showing our thanks to our patients who are the most compliant when following their specific treatment plans is done by continuing to treat them with respect, providing the ultimate in orthodontic care and understanding their particular goals and needs,” adds Dr. Stoess-Allen. 
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!