The Cost of Invisalign vs. Braces

Team Learn

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While most adults want straighter teeth, from a social and professional perspective, wearing metal braces does not seem to be an option. Invisalign is a great alternative, achieving the same results with custom-made clear, removable aligners. But how does the cost compare to that of braces?
According to Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen of Park Avenue Orthodontics in New York City, at her practice the cost is the same. “In my practice, we don’t discriminate. We charge exactly the same amount of money for Invisalign Clear Aligners and braces,” says Stoess-Allen.
A reason she charges similar prices for both Invisalign and braces is because she strongly believes in the results she can produce with Invisalign. “I do that specifically because I believe the system is more effective,” comments Stoess-Allen. “I believe the treatment is a much more pleasant experience for the patient as well as for me as a doctor.”
If you have questions on whether Invisalign is right for you or the cost of Invisalign, consult an orthodontist like Dr. Janet Stoess-Allen.