The Power of a Great Smile!!

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The Power of a Great Smile!!

If someone asked you what the single most attention grabbing aspect of person is… what would you think? It’s simple!! The characteristic people are drawn to most is a smile… often overlooked, a smile can be one of the most valuable characteristics to love about yourself.

In fact in a study, by the Center for Natural Dentistry, it was found that having great smile can improve your chances for personal success. Whether within your career, your relationships, your own self esteem, having a great smile helps you love yourself and therefore BLOOM and SHINE in other aspects of your life. 

“A smile conveys confidence and professionalism,” says Lily T. Garcia, DDS, a past president of the American College of Prosthodontists. People who project a positive outlook are generally more open and flexible. They tend to cope better with challenges than people who are withdrawn and unsmiling.

All though all of us are born with natural smiles, there are ways to enhance your smile by taking care of your teeth!!! Today some people are unsure about how to fix their teeth because of the time and place in their lives where they don’t want to have to be stuck wearing braces, or mouth pieces. Now today at Park Avenue Orthodontics we make it so simple with Invisalign. Using a series of clear aligners your smile treatment is personalized and improved simply and conveniently! there is no more stressing about metal in your mouth!! “Invisalign can be removed to eat, brush and floss your teeth and the best part is it’s virtually invisible so only you will know you are wearing it” (Center for Natural Dentistry).

Here are some fun facts about smiling, the benefits, and why it is important to LOVE your smile and feel good about smiling in your own skin 🙂

*Boosts your immune system

*Reduces Stress

*Contributes to good health!!

*Relaxes the receiver of your smile- they are contagious!

*Boosts confidence by relaxing your muscles and nervous system

*Lessons wrinkles that can be caused from a clenched face and jaw

*Brings out a childlike sense of play and laughter – it is no wonder that babies are born smiling!!

*Stimulates an openness for love and emotion to enter you

(Listed facts from the National Health Foundation)