UNBRACE YOUR SELFIE: Teen Confidence Rising Through Smiles

Team Learn


Building and maintaining confidence among the teen population is a never endingchallenge for both teens and parents. Studies have shown that being satisfied with your smile contributes to building self confidence.

With the advent of “selfies” (millions of selfies are posted each day on socialmedia platforms), beautiful smiles are becoming increasingly important in everyday teen lifestyles. In the typical unsteady teen self discovery period, achieving a great smile by using an invisible unobstrusive clear aligners can be a confidence builder. “Selfie” posts have been attributed to “telling a story of an individual, portraying a moment of happiness, pride, or self reflection”(National Health foundation for Teens).

Unbracing teens with the use of clear aligner therapy ( such as invisalign, Clear Correct, Orchestrate, etc), and eliminating the need to wear metal braces and brackets for orthodontic treatment, is a perfect fit with today’s “ teen smiling lifestyles”. Moreover, it boosts self esteem during their active treatment period. As stated by a teen patient, “ I felt empowered by having clear aligners. My friends couldn’t tell, but I knew inside I was fixing my smile and takingcare of myself.” (Teen Invisalign Testimonial, age 17)

Dr. Janet-Stoess Allen (Park Avenue Orthodontics), is a strong advocate of Clear aligner therapy. In fact, she has taught the treatment methodology at NYU Dental School. She comments “that teens are excited to be photographed for social media platforms with the doctors and staff in our office, especially those wearing clear aligners instead of braces”.

In addition to creating a beautiful smile without having to wear metal bracketsand wires, there are many side benefits including easier hygiene maintenance, the ability to remove the aligners while eating, and virtually only minor discomfort while the teeth are moving into their ideal positions. Dr Stoess-Allen recommends unbracing those Selfies and promotes teens in gaining self confidence with a clear alternative to traditional braces.